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Give your baby's first teeth the tender care they deserve with the Brilliant Baby Toothbrush, Stage 5 in the Baby Buddy Oral Care Program. Introducing the world's first and best toothbrush with all-around bristles co-developed with Osaka University Dental Clinic. Created especially for delicate young smiles, the Brilliant's soft, ultra-fine bristles allow you to clean your child's teeth gently while massaging gums with a soothing touch.
Turn brushing teeth with your child into a positive experience after every meal and at bedtime with the Brilliant Baby Toothbrush.
Featuring an innovative, easy-to-use design that gives the same great polish no matter which direction you brush; because of its unique design, brushing is always at the ADA recommended 45 degree angle, allowing parents and caretakers to brush teeth, tongue, and gums without needing to twist their wrist. Brilliant thoroughly cleans your baby's teeth, gums, and tongue with Baby Buddy's Spry Tool Gel, toothpaste, or just water. About, 20,000 super ultra-fine bristles, 20x more than flat toothbrushes, remove twice as much plaque and tiny food particles to provide cleaner and whiter teeth. You'll have tons of fun teaching* your baby how to make those pearly whites shine – and that will leave both of you smiling! 
20,000 Super Ultra Fine Bristles Mean:
  • Greater plaque removal
  • Softer, more effective brushing
  • Easier to brush in any direction
  • Babies love the smooth feel all around
  • Parents love the effectiveness without a fight

Recommended for ages 4-24 Months

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