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 Wide and spacious, Stokke® Flexi Bath® X-Large is a bath tub that grows with your little one. Suitable for growing babies and young children until about age 6, it has all of the great features of our original version only with more room. The unique foldable design makes it easy...
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 Wide and spacious, Stokke® Flexi Bath® X-Large is a bath tub that grows with your little one. Suitable for growing babies and young children until about age 6, it has all of the great features of our original version only with more room. The unique foldable design makes it easy to fold flat for storage or travel. Though it is generous enough for sibling to comfortably share bath time moments, rest assured, it still fits most bath tubs and showers. Great for indoor or outdoor use, this strong and sturdy bath tub is perfect for older toddlers who love to splash and play. For added safety and convenience, it includes a non-slip base and heat sensitive plug for easy draining. 


  • A lightweight, portable baby bath tub that folds flat
  • Larger size makes it a roomy bath to splash and play
  • Suitable for children up to the age of six and sharing with siblings
  • Safety first with a non-slip base and heat sensitive plug



  • Suitable for toddlers and children to about 6 year old
  • Great for siblings and sharing with friends
  • Folds Flat for easy transportation and space saving storage
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy
  • Generous yet able to fit most bathtubs and showers
  • Can be used with the Stokke® Flexi Bath® Newborn Support to ensure an optimal ergonomic position when used from birth
  • Has a non-slip base and heat sensitive plug for extra safety
  • Drains easily


  • Stokke® Flexi Bath®
  • Heat sensitive plug
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Customer Reviews

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Love and Bubbles (List of Pros)

Hello, friends. This baby tub has been an amazing addition to bathtime for our family. I love it. However, this is a 4-star review and not a 5-star review because of the concerns outlined below.

(DISCLAIMER: I HAVE NOT been paid to review this product. I DID NOT receive this product for free through the manufacturer, or through a promotion. I do write reviews for a living, but I bought this item with MY OWN MONEY. The purpose of writing this review is to offer prospective buyers my analysis of this product and to supply comprehensive, honest feedback.)

Why 4-stars? PROS:

- Sturdy, stable construction. Even when the tub is full, or overflowing with water, the deep grooves on the outside of the tub make it easy to grip and control. In case of emergency, you would be able to tip this thing over with one hand and completely empty it quite easily. (Ask me how I know smh.) The Stokke Flexi Bath Tub X-Large is easy for two or more people to handle. Since it's so wide, the weight of the tub and the weight of the water are also evenly distributed if you need help moving it.

- Color-changing temperature plug insert. It's a cool safety feature for people who may not have an available thermometer, or who may have nerve damage or a genetic condition that makes it hard for them to accurately evaluate external sensory info. When you plug the tub with the included plastic plug, the color changes. The hotter the water is, the the redder the plug color becomes. If the water is a weak ruby color, it might be too hot. I think this feature is great because you can tell at a glance that you need some cold water ASAP. I've measure this safety feature against a themometer and the color changes I've noticed are CONSISTENT, which I love. After multiple uses, you'll have the confidence to tell at a glance if the water temperature is too hot or too cold.

- Spacious! Bathe all your kid's at once! Seriously! I was amazed to be able to fit twins (18 months old) in here, plus a 4 year old. A 15 minute bath (even when sharing the water between 3 children) was more than enough time to get everybody squeaky clean. It was comfy for all, with lots of splashing and giggling to be had. Also has more than enough room for toys, a bubble machine, and water crayons.

- Folds completely flat. Works great to bathe kids when traveling, spending the night at someone's house (and you don't want to feel obligated to scrub their bathroom tub after your kids mess it up), or when camping with limited access to water. You can stick the Stokke Flexi Bath Tub X-Large under the bed, in the slim vertical space of a storage closet, or hang it behind a door if you've got your own hook.

- Functional, too! So far, I've used this tub to wash the dog, wash all 3 kids at once, set up an impromptu splash station, use it as a collection receptable for water table play, sand table play, and for doing Legos. (Hate stepping on the pieces and losing them all over the house.) I have also used this tub to soak dirty clothes in and as an ice cooler during camping and barbeques. Lysol/Clorox disinfecting spray can also be used on the tub to sanitize between uses since the tub is a dense, hard, non-porous plastic.

- Easy to clean. I know this sounds weird to include as a Pro, but certain Fisher-Price and Infantino baby bathing products are NOT EASY TO CLEAN. Grime, dirty skin flakes, and mud can get trapped in the rivets and curves of their tubs and cannot be thoroughly removed without intervention from a toothbrush or bottle brush and a huge time investment, which frustrated me. The Stokke Flexi Bath Tub X-Large does not have this problem. It's easy to clean! Just give all sides of the product a quick scrub with a clean rag and the soap of your choice before rinsing it out thoroughly, then put it upside down to dry. Within 5 minutes (more than enough time), it is completely dry and clean to the touch with only a few droplets of water left behind on the rim.

Now for the bad. CONS:

- Price! Folks, this is a glorified plastic storage bin. The reinforcement of the tub and the plug safety feature does not justify the price. I'd be amazed if manufacturing and production of this product costs anything more than $28 USD. This is the same durable material used to make outdoor garbage cans and storage sheds. So why does Target, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, BuyBuy Baby and Facebook Marketplace expect anyone interested in buying the Stokke Flexi Bath Tub X-Large new to pay at least $65 USD + taxes + shipping? I barely came out ahead by underpaying the current market price by ordering from Bebeang Baby and my final order total was $67.61 USD.

Love and Bubbles (List of Cons)

Why 4-stars? CONS:

- Size. It may be too big for you. If you only have a single child, don't plan on using this product during multiple stages, or your child/children aren't able to independently sit up, think hard about whether this product is a good fit for your life and your current needs. How often will you use it? So far, the Stokke Flexi Bath Tub X-Large seems to be a reliable product, but - as explored above - the price you pay for this product is quite high for what you get in return.

- Accessibility. This tub is deep, with thick ridges. If you cannot independently move the tub, tilt a completely full tub over to one side, or lift this tub on your own, return it. Purchase an alternative product. This tub cannot be mounted in a sink, used near a sink, nor safely placed on an elevated surface. The Stokke Flexi Bath Tub X-Large is for floor and yard use only. Your child may drown if you cannot retrieve them from the water. I do not recommend this product for dwarves, people who cannot lift or push, or people who can't otherwise perform strenuous behavior (pregnant women, people with movement or joint disorders like arthritis, spina bifida, palsy, etc.)

- Tub plug. The tub plug cannot be removed or inserted completely without using both hands. There is no chain or anything included to assist you with placement and recovery. This can be scary in case of emergency, which is why I mentioned accessibility concerns as well, but if you have long nails or have trouble opening your hand, you may also have trouble with this plug. It's made of a thick plastic and can be unyielding. The included product info stated: "Warning: The heat sensitive plug is solely intended as an additional indicator of the water temperature, and should never replace caregiver vigilance." Also: "The lifetime of the heat sensitive plug is limited, and it should be replaced after 2 years." I would also echo this recommendation. Use a properly calibrated digital thermometer to measure the water if you're doubting whether or not it's too hot. What if the plug is not accurate during the entire 24 month projected accuracy window? Don't rely solely on the color of the plug.

- Environmental impact. Can this be recycled? I don't think so. I would hope that you keep this product forever, or donate it to someone else once you have no need for it instead of just throwing it away  :)

- Foldaway safety tab. I included this as a Con because this plastic tab can get snagged on clothing and a curious baby may hurt themselves while playing, splashing, or attempting to gnaw on it during bathing. It is also made of a hard plastic. This safety tab cannot be removed at any time. If this tab becomes damaged or broken, you will have to find some other way of jerry-rigging the tub to remain folded. It's not a huge detriment, just something to keep in mind.

- NOT a suitable tub for first-time parents or parents who cannot commit to staying in the bathroom during bathtime! As mentioned above, this tub is huge. If you are a first-time parent, inexperienced in what to do in case of drowning, how to perform basic life support, or how to handle sanitizing the bathtub when your baby pees, poos, or throws up in the bathwater during bathtime, this may not be a suitable product for you. Water safety during a child's formative years is incredibly important and there are plenty of comparable models on the market that will cost you way less if you are a little unsure about using this tub. Hundreds of children die each year in the USA from drowning accidents. Be very careful.

Additionally, people using the Stokke Flexi Bath Tub X-Large may not consciously recognize it as a dangerous product for children because the "Risk of Drowning" text is not near the eyeline. It is near the base. Especially people who have limited caregiving experience or people who are ignorant about current child development data or safety standards. (Would you trust the grandparents to bathe your child in this deep tub? Would you trust that your in-laws take your warnings seriously when using this tub? How about the sitter you hired for the night?) Please, EVERY TIME before using this product, commit to leaving your phone outside of the room, keeping your full attention on the child/children in your care, and stay close enough to physically touch or remove your child from the water. If you have children with large age gaps, or you don't feel comfortable leaving the children you are not bathing nearby but unsupervised, this product may also be unsuitable for you.

Ultimately, it's up to each individual consumer to decide whether paying anywhere from $68 USD to $80 USD for a kid's bathtub is worth it, but my hands were kind of tied since smaller size and cheaper priced tubs were too small for my kids to all fit, and other products did not fit my needs. I have had nothing but good experiences with this product so far and anticipate using it for years to come!

Jen Wierman
We love it

We have a cottage with only standup showers, no baths. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. This works great! My guy is 1 and loves to move around, do the XL was a must!

Zaidee Rose
Perfect tub for our toddler

We just moved and only have a shower, so we purchased this tub for our 1.5 year old. She's 31" and weighs 25 lbs, and I can see continuing to use it for much longer! It's small but there is ample room for her to grow and still have room to sit and play with her bath animals.

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